1008 Dreams & Solutions: Running

(This is an unedited draft of a book with a working title “1008 Dreams & Solutions”)
DREAM: Writing while Richard is running

In the dream I was sitting by a tree, with a few others, taking notes about a fitness program. We were at a track and field meet in huge cross country landscape through forest and field. I felt really great.

tree – growth (on a bigger scale than herbs?)…last time I dreamed of a tree was in the saying good bye to Jonathon dream when I was putting a big tree by the door of the home I was house-sitting in. This tree was outside, and I was working, and I was with co-workers in a relationship of mutual respect.
taking notes – writing what is
fitness program – a fitness program is a system for health and well-being
track & field – running for long distance is about endurance
forest – ? companionship?
It’s a good feeling dream. It means for me to remember something I’ve done well in the past and do it again now.
So I ask myself: what is happening in the dream that is working well? I’m on task individually; I’m getting along with others collectively; and we are engaged in a larger experience including those outside of our immediate circle/realm.
I am writing notes so I don’t know if this is to be taken literally or metaphorically but I am going to look metaphorically first.
The act of taking notes is about listening attentively, observing acutely, and then putting to memory the details of the observation. I do this naturally.
I want to take it one step deeper.
This dream is reminding me of how I can listen and write word for word what a person is saying as they say it. It’s a way of writing that is really outside of myself opposed to when I am very silent and listening to the inner voice in which case I also surrender and then write word for word what I am hearing as well but my ears are turned inwards.
This is the key!
In going forward the dream wants me to know to be listening closely to others and be in the mode of surrender and creation.
What came to mind as I wrote that last line was an answer to a question I had about moving through the fog at work. When I am in the mode of carefully listening and observing because I am going to write something down (to create an article, a report, or whatever) I am in a very different space than when I am not preparing to write something down. When I am in the mode of listening to record I feel very safe and protected and when I record it later and share it I feel as though I am participating in a great team effort at an international  track and field meet.
Where in my life TODAY is it important to be in that space of surrender, listening, observing?
When I am in the mode of collecting information and data for an article/newspaper I travel through life so differently. 
What is the biggest issue facing me today?
So many things people want from me and not enough time to do them all and not clear what the priority is to move forward in the direction I want to go in for the long run.
The after school program is not moving forward because of a 7 year old boy who only wants to fight with everyone all the time every day. It’s stopped most of my creativity because I am just always taking action to prevent his outbursts and protect the young ones who he will kick and hit and protect the older ones who he will verbally attack like crazy.
What I want to be doing is a great, active, engaging program but when I introduce and implement something he also attacks the program and me so then I have to protect myself too. So I stopped being creative to prevent him from attacking me and then I started thinking about creating a newsletter about the program.
SOOOOO…I actually think I need to get out of newsletter-head and get into the space of listening, observing, and creating WITHIN the program. Not to be afraid of him. When I think of doing that I hit a wall. If I bring in an activity he will attack it…what do I do next?
I think sports is the answer. The only time I see them all get along easily is when they are playing tag or soccer,  It’s the only time the war is over and they laugh and like one another. 
I will create a month long sports after school program. See how it goes and evaluate.
That is what I will do. 
I had a running dream on the same day.  When I had the dream I just kept going into that space all day long in my mind.
Update: I created a program and then won a region-wide award for quality programming!

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