1008 Dreams & Solutions: Good at Cleaning Up

(This is an unedited section of  “1008 Dreams & Solutions.” I’m using an agile method of publishing. Volunteers interesting in editing, please contact rperrydreamwork@gmail.com. )
Fall 2014
I just dreamed I was in a place, like a warehouse but it was set up like a school and there were piles of clutter in the desks and corners, etc. We had to clean it up before going somewhere. Some people were goofing off and it bothered me that they didn’t get cleaning. I was waiting for them to take action but they didn’t so finally I just started cleaning myself.
I started dumping all the clutter, toys, and bits into the garbage. I found food left from a long time ago, dumped it out. Found an old machine that didn’t work. At one point someone asked me to teach people a song. Eventually some others joined in the cleaning – one woman, who I went to kindergarten with came up to me and I showed her my broken phone and that I lost my other one. She listened closely and heard ticking and went over to it and collected it and gave it to me. I was happy to have it back.

This is a metaphor for what you have been doing over the past couple of years.  You have been cleaning out the old stuff so that you can get so some place new.  This dream shows you that you are good at the cleaning up process which you can only do yourself.   It is something that is constant, but means that you are ready to go forward.

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