1008 Dreams & Interpretations- School Environments

(This is an unedited first draft of a book with a working title “1008 Dream Interpretations & Solutions” which I started working on with Richard Hastings in 2009. An edited hard copy version will be released in time. This approach to publishing is an “agile” method which means I am okay with publishing on my casual blog with errors in the copy as a first step for the publication of this book.)
In the dream, I’m at a picnic area at a school gathering of sorts. I have put a group of photos into a container and left it in the admin building and now am outside by a picnic table playing with playdough in my hand. The VP approaches me and as she’s talking to me tries to take the yellow playdough. I just move my hand back so she can’t take it and this upsets her. She tries again while giving me a nasty look like I better not embarrass her but instead of giving her the playdough I ask her what she wants. I’m not sure of her answer. I repeat myself and this time more firmly say use your words and tell me what you want. She is a tall and beautiful woman and when I say this she just straightens her back, either in contemplation or indignation so then I see her headed to the photos and so i say there are photos in their of her doing something she shouldn’t have done and she runs really fast to them and then i say, “Just kidding” they are just photos of students. But now i know she has something to hide and i keep playing with the playdough and she doesn’t bother me anymore.
the dream wants me to get to a place outside of myself where i am learning.
picnic – is a meal outside
photos – capture a memory
admin building – place where organization occurs
yellow – personal power
playdough – a child’s toy which is moulded to create something
VP – Indigenous woman, second in command
in this dream i see myself protecting two things i want: playdough and photos. also i begin outside at a picnic so this is where the dream wants me to get. Someone is trying to take something from me but rather than be afraid of her I just stand my ground, even though I’m much shorter. The joke I make keeps her away from the things I am protecting but it also sort of embarrasses her. But in this dream I am not embarrased.
Where in my life is the biggest thing that someone could take away from me? If I were to lose one thing what else would fall all apart?…..what is the biggest issue for me right now? 
Building on the opportunity unfolding at the school in supporting a young boy who I see has a lot of creativity & enthusiasm but others have labeled him with ADHD among other things and they limit his opportunity for good. Also connecting to the Indigenous teachings in a school setting. 

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