Re-occuring Dreams: How To Put Old Issues Behind


I dreamed recently that I was floating in the ocean after being on the Titanic when it sank. A friend and I were alive and I saw a way to get us to where the rescuers were coming but she was too frightened to swim. I didn’t know if I should go back to encourage her or move forward to get rescued. 

This scenario is one I’ve dreamed of since I was in my early 20s. It’s a re-occuring issue for me. Even though something tragic happened, in this case our ship sank, still I had capacity and understanding to get to safety quickly. This is something I have been able to do in real life repeatedly.

The problem in the dream is a person who is too afraid to move forward. She doesn’t herself to move through the crowded waters and she feels devastated by the loss and suffering of the hundreds of other passengers in various stages of distress around us.

This decision I made in the dream about staying to encourage her or going for rescue is one which shows up in my real life all the time. Because I often understand not just the details of the current situation but I also have a grasp on the “big picture” then sometimes I see something which others don’t see and I wonder do I stay to explain or just move forward.

When to help? Encourage? Teach and when to detach and let go?

This dream presents this question to me today to reflect on.


p.s. When I was 20, I also dreamed of being on the Titanic when it sank. At that time in the dream I found a quiet place to meditate and I sat cross-legged saying prayers in a state of mediation while the water moved up my body and eventually to my face and I drown that way. I was repeating the prayer some know as “Remover of Difficulties.” In the dream, as soon as the water came up to my mouth I woke up startled.

To dream of surviving the Titanic sinking shows progress on many issues related to water – which is a metaphor for relationships & life. The best I can say now is that i used to be okay with people manipulating or controlling me with threats and harsh words so they could get their own way and I just don’t let any of that get to me anymore. It used to devastate me. Now when I see it I can name it for what it is, detach and move on towards a bright future where people are more united and connected. More on this later.



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