Flying Dreams: There Is A Science To Dreamwork

FLOATING DREAM: Flying in a dream is about soaring into a positive future!

In the dream, I am swinging on swings and the swing detaches so that I am flung high into the air. I was filled with excitement as I rose higher and higher
into the clouds. Then I get to a certain point and am able to justfloat. I spin around and drift, filled with awe and joy. I was so
happy to be able to do this. I thought about others and thought it
seemed I was doing something no one else could do and I felt grateful
for the gift for me to be able to do this. I wanted to tell others
about it but thought no one would understand but that I will enjoy
this experience anyways. Then I would float back down and then go back
up again.. It happened several times and when I went high like that I
was released from all fears, all worries, everything. It was just
bliss and joy.


Dear Rachel,
When I work with the Crees on the Alexander Reserve in Morinville,  I was given a contract with the Corp for Public Broadcasting and U. of Lethbridge to work on the curriculum for native stories they were doing called Walking with Grandfather.  I found that I really enjoyed the metaphoric work of decipering myths.    Most people including the native people at the time, don’t have enough self discipline to stay with a story for the length of time needed for it to reveal itself.   They slip into literal thinking and believe it.  For instance, the Crees have a story like Noah and believe it is literally true just like the Jews and Christians do.    I just found it a lot more interesting to stay with the stories long enough to see what they were trying to rricharddreamsforpeaceeally say.   When my interpretation matched a very well respected elder on one story,  that is, I had come up with all of the same ideas he did before I ever heard his, then I knew I was pretty good at the process.
At the same time I was studying and being certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming which taught me how to look at the structure of how something is present, not just the content.    Then later when I moved to Maxwell,  I just started listening to a lot of dreams and working with them.   At the same time I studied intensively for a couple of years the 4 Valleys and 7 Valleys to see how it matched with the concepts of the medicine wheel and other quadrant systems.    I also worked out the idea that the ego and true self work in tandem with each other in opposite ways something that most people have still not caught onto.   I also explored a lot about time and space when it is in an ego state and when it is in the true self state.

One of the big things I worked out was that because dreams are a spiritual phenomenon, then time has its own rules like for instance the end of dream (purpose in spiritual terms) comes at the beginning of the dream and if you have negative dreams it is the thing that comes last before you wake up that you should work on first.

When I went to Brazil, I just worked out how the idea that we are connected fits into the process.    I discovered when I was doing dream meetings, that when a person shared a dream, that the dream didn’t seem to only be for them, but for everyone in the group.    Then I just sort of went into a space of awe and wonderment like in the 7 Valleys.I had a big illusion before moving to Asia that somehow this part of the world would be better at all of these processes than the West because of the Buddhist ideas about meditation,  but like everywhere else,  most people have a lot of superstition and lack of self discipline to do the spiritual work.    What I am learning here is the tie in between our own spiritual individual transformation and the larger global transformation.
In the West we believe that we can change anything if we just put in the hard work and effort.   A lot of this is true and that is why the struggle is so important.   The East believes that nothing is possible until the divine world permits it.  The down side of the west is the belief that you can do whatever you want and just take all of the resources.   The down side of the east is that they believe so much in fate, etc. and then are extremely vulnerable to leaders who do as they please without repercussions.      So one has to read the needs of the larger world and where it is going and then also read the individual world and what it is asking.    In the dream world there is harmony between the two.
When I was in the West I believed that I could do whatever I wanted if I just followed certain processes.   In the East I realize that the divine world knows better.   So somehow you have to get to the idea of submitting to the will of God but also having iron willed determination and desire.  I am not sure that anyone has it right.
The West believes in the gods of money like Bill Gates and Donald Trump and Oprah.    The East believes in people who pretend to be gods like Ho Chi Minh and Mao.

Our idea is that there is the will of God for us, but we have to use a lot of volition and initiative to hook into it. 

There is a science to what you are feeling. 

The science is that when you deal honestly and repetitively with the tests of your life,  you gradually feel lighter and freer.  This is what is happening to you. 

[Your dreams are showing you] the wisdom you now have inside of you based upon your experience and the steps you have made n your transformation process.  It is very positive because it allows you to help others through their process.  You see what is happening with [people] and you also intuitively know that things are going to be ok.

The intuition is based upon your wisdom that has been gained from experience.



(NOTE FROM RACHEL: These are excerpts from a longer piece which describes other dreams and interpretation in more detail. Those can be found in a post on this blog.)

In 2009 an online conversation began between me, an individual who had a dream relating to a certain life challenge, and another individual – Richard Hastings – who had an interpretation and a solution. This blog page shares an excerpt from the book of 1008 Dreams & Interpretations.  All rights reserved. Copyright Rachel Perry 2014)


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