Meaning of Metaphors: Car

6128What is a car? A car is a way to get to where you want to go much quicker than by foot or by bicycle.

To dream of a car is to dream about where your True Self wants you to go.

The True Self or Higher Self always wants us to grow and thrive and improve.

In life, we experience challenges which develop our inner qualities, virtues, character.

If we have the potential to be excellent in a certain thing then our True Self will guide us in the direction towards that excellence and there will be a lot of challenges in getting there.

Who is driving the car? In a dream about cars, the best place for the dreamer to be is at the driver’s seat. That is a symbol for driving the direction of your own life.

If you are not in the driver’s seat, how can you get there?

If you are in the driver’s seat what is happening?

What is the terrain like?

Are you getting to where you want to go or are there obstacles?

Who are you driving with?

These are the kinds of things you can ask and they will give clues as to your deep potential and what your really positive life experience can be like.

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