Court Dream: I Lost Everything But Gained Everything

In the dream, I am talking to the husband of a friend who I grew up with in real life. She no longer interacts with me much in real life partly because of a big mess we both got caught up in because of a Master Manipulator in our lives years ago and because we never talked about it directly our paths verged into different directions. I have no animosity towards her and am sure she knows this. In fact, she did some things she might be embarrassed about and I forgive her for that. I trust in time we will re-connect again. Our bond of friendship is ever-lasting.

In the dream, this husband is asking me how I’m doing and he’s curious about a court situation I’m in. I said to him honestly, “I’ve lost everything. I’ve given up asking for justice or seeking for things which are my right to have and I did all this in order to end it quickly and just get the trial over with.”

He thought I should have gotten a lot of money and had more rights and protection. I told him that may be the ideal but it’s not the reality and don’t worry, I’m okay, I told him.

He asked me why my lawyer was not advocating more for me, I said my lawyer is free and she has been manipulated by the same person who brought me to trial to begin with. He said he understood.

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