Creating A New Self: 9 Steps To Positive Change


Creating a new self is about realizing where a negative is still showing up in your life and transforming it to the positive opposite. It is about watching dreams for clues of unconscious patterns which are becoming more conscious and then also about noticing in real life the things which happen which lead you to feel a strong negative emotion such as fear, anger, devastation. Those real life scenarios which give you the biggest challenge are the areas where the biggest growth can take place.


  1. Notice Re-occuring Issues: Notice where they started. The clue is in the dream.
    • For me, I dreamed of my old high school & walking down a road to home with a row of bulldozers and construction on it
  2. Identify the Key Fear: Get curious about it. Ask how you are doing this to yourself
    • For me, I dreamed of being kidnapped by threesome – one was smart, one was strong & one was a business man…I can ask myself “How am I kidnapping myself?” and the answer to this helps me break the pattern
  3. Be Ready To Learn: Don’t let other people’s fear slow you down.
    • For me, I dreamed of being at a university & a partner was ready to bail on the project because they were afraid
  4. Noticing The Negative Truth: Seeing The Negative is the first step to change
    • In my case, I dreamed of being engulfed in grey & murky air while others schemed & planned something which made me feel kidnapped
  5. Detach From Outcomes: Always have in mind the direction you want to go in but  when obstacles emerge from others manipulating situations, just detach
    • In the dream, I was telling someone the way I deal with a Master Manipulator is to detach from wants & desires, then I have no anger
  6. Practice Paraphrasing:When you notice someone saying negative things which go against your sense of who you are or what you want, say their words back to them ~ this puts the onus on them to change and deflects their impact on you
    • In the dream, I am in a house I used to live in. Someone I used to be very afraid of is there saying negative things. I repeat their words back to them and then they stop and I can take a few steps instead of being paralyzed
  7. Have a Positive Vision of the Future: This is not about having material wealth and  health. The most positive vision of the future is one where you are using your natural & learned capacities to help others. Hold this vision. Attach to it and do not let go for anything.
    • In the dream, someone tried unsuccessfully to suffocate me. The positive opposite is to do things to help others and not to hold back.
  8. From Chaos To Certitude: Looking at something difficult and facing it, instead of running away afraid brings in a state of temporary chaos. Don’t worry. Stay positive. Do what you know how to do well often and calm will come.
    • In the dream, people were doing things and I didn’t understand what or why or how I fit in.
  9. Dive Right In: Eventually, new opportunities and new relationships will emerge better than ever. Go for the opportunities when they show up with enthusiasm!
    • In the dream, there was a river, a lake & pools but they were crowded & even had some alligators in them. Time to do some sorting out. It’s helpful to consider the difference between fear & anxiety at this point and do what needs to be done to release both.


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