Miscellaneous Dreams: What To Do With a Mix of Positives & Negatives

In the dream, someone wants me to fill out a form and as I’m scrolling for the information and details on the computer screen I am showing someone hundreds of images over the years and at least one of them was really private.

The person tells me that I owe $1,100 for a water bill for a room I’ve been renting since January. I tell her I don’t have that kind of money and I am considering leaving.

She shows me where there were two portions to the water payment and I only ever saw and paid one portion but the other was listed too. She expected the payment without negotiation.


In another dream, I was at a multiple car pile up all night and when I showed up to a dinner people wanted evidence that I was there but I didn’t have evidence.


In another dream, a little girl, age 6, walked into a pole and got a cut on her head, needing stitches.


In another dream, I was in a washroom with a large mess someone wanted me to clean up.

A mix of positives & negatives means there’s some work to do. Notice what is positive and then repeat those positive behaviours in the real life challenge.


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