University Dreams: A Symbol of Learning

In the dream, I’m on a university campus and at times I’m also talking to someone about being on a university campus. I tell them that I go there to meet people, to research, to explore, even though I’m not a student anymore. They say they do the same thing. 

In another part of the dream, there is someone with me on campus. They have half-way bought into a project we are working on but also are considering abandoning the project. I offer a hug and reassurance but they are not sure they can keep up.

In another part I was telling people about how dreams about the body are a message about something which will happen in the real waking life of the individual soon. It means a powerful emotion is coming up to be released. 

When someone wants to give up on themselves in real life, I often try my very best to reassure them. It is usually fear in one form or another that forces people to think they want to quit on something. They’ve pushed themselves as far as they can go, then they face a fear, and the worry that something bad might happen draws them back into their old way of being and that means they abandon the project or commitment they had.

In real life, in the past, when I noticed someone coming up against a big fear and wanting to abandon the project, I thought it meant they wanted to abandon me. As a result, I too would abandon the project and get into conversations with them about what they would prefer, what would be less scary, or how should we change things.

But what I’ve learned is that, if someone has come to a fear and does not want to have the courage to move through it, they not only abandon the project, but they abandon the audacious self that got them there to begin with, and they often abandon me too mostly because they feel ashamed of what they have done and embarrassed that they can’t go further.

This dream of a university is a reminder to me of a skill I’ve had since childhood to keep learning even if others abandon the project.

A university is a symbol of learning.

Since I was in the field, an open space, it is a symbol of having an open mind.

Since I offered a hug to someone it means there is an opportunity in real life to offer reassurance to others.


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