Whether you faced trauma in the past, are in the midst of a traumatic situation now, or have been just dealt a blow which you suspect will be traumatic for you in the future, an important key to staying True to yourself is to remember what you do well and repeat it often. If you forget what you do well and you feel hopeless, then ask yourself what inspires you? Do what you need to do to feel inspired. Then do what you can to remember your strengths and repeat them. Then face the trauma (from the past, present or future) with unshakable Confidence.

Here are some things which inspire me and some accomplishments I’m happy to share.


Today when I woke up there was a text message from a friend on the other side of the world. It read, “Friendship is the candle that lights up your heart whenever it is dark outside.” What lovely words to wake up to.


Yesterday my daughter finished first in our heat for a 5km run.


Foam Fest 2016!


This song inspires me.


We grew a zucchini for the first time! I’ve been trying to plant a garden for 10 years and it’s the first summer when I prepared, planted, nurtured and ate a vegetable from my own garden!


Here’s a playlist of music I like:


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