Bathroom Dreams: How To Help Someone Learn To Let Go – Metaphorically

In the dream someone is falling in the toilet making a bowel movement in a row of toilets with 3 others side by side.

The girl nearly falls in and I approach to help her but it seems she does this all the time and she pulls her way out.

Then I’m in a crowded space, small apartment.

A friendly police officer has been told something about me which was somewhat true and somewhat false and they are investigating.

I’ve got a form to fill out and am deciding what details to include.

Bathroom dreams are about releasing negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, disappointment, devastation, etc.

In this dream, it is a public washroom so it is about people releasing negative emotions publicly.

I see someone nearly falling in the toilet and I try to help her but she won’t let me help. This means someone is expressing negative emotions publicly and she is embarrassing herself and others but she does not want to learn a better way.

When I see someone embarrassing themselves I try to help and when they say no I feel crowded and trapped.

In this case, when I feel crowded and trapped the good thing is I am not alone. A friendly police officer is paying attention and seeing the injustice.

Forms in real life are about putting something on paper and there is something permanent about it. But forms are often arbitrary and do not keep up with the flowing pace of real life. But without forms people in our form-based society are not authorized to help or assist.

When I reflect on the application of this, it makes me think that if I had a form from the police officer which authorized my being able to help others then the girl may have let me help her out. But she believed I was not authorized (or capable) of helping because I didn’t have a form saying I could.

So interesting.

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