How To Deal With Negative Figures in Dreams

In the dream,  I hear that someone has bit someone and hung on for 12 hours while they cried and screamed. This person was in a home with someone else and the two of them joked about the word “evil” a lot as if it had no meaning and was funny. I saw them in the kitchen looking in the fridge and didn’t enter.


Everyone has someone in their life who has spoken to them negatively. Often times in families or a work environment, there is at least one individual who is just hungry for power and likes to make people around them feel bad at every moment. They don’t even care if someone suffers loudly for hours and hours, days and days, years and years.

It makes no difference to them how others feel, so long as they feel good.

The reason for this type of behaviour is that everyone has a higher and lower nature, everyone has “good” and “bad” within them. Everyone has potential to grow and potential to decompose, so to speak.

Sometimes the life circumstances of someone causes them to put up an ego-shield of protection. They may turn to anger, or to dishonesty, or to stealing, or any number of addictions to numb the pain of their life circumstance. Eventually over time, if nothing is done to stop the pattern the person begins to identify so strongly with the negative ego-pattern it is as if they come to believe it can be the only way they can be.

The problem with the ego is that it has two favourite things which it doesn’t like – Ego doesn’t like change. And ego doesn’t like to feel alone.

An unchecked ego will go to all sorts of extremes to avoid change and to avoid having to feel alone, even if the actions hurt other people.

So what to do about this?

It is useful to first remember that we all have ego operating within us to some degree or another. The change we can make to experiencing more of the life we want to live is actually within our power when we can find how ego is operating within ourselves and seek to be free from some of its trappings.

Easier said than done, right?

It’s actually not as hard as you might at first think.

When the negative figure shows up in a dream, then it is an opportunity to check in with yourself about this and see where you can grow. The dream just gives you a clue into the area you can still work on and develop.

Just starting with a simple question such as: What is the biggest challenge I am facing right now? And, “What am I afraid of?”

Just these beginning questions can start a journey of transformation which leads to being free from shackles of ego and living much more in alignment with who you are and what you really want to be doing!





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