Bathroom Dreams: Cleaning up the S*** Metaphorically

Warning: This dream and analysis is about a topic we don’t usually talk about much in our culture but it is just a metaphor for processing emotions, which we don’t talk much about either. If you want to skip over this, no problem.


In the dream, I’m traveling with a group and when we go into the centre we find both bathrooms are very dirty because staff is waiting for industrial cleaners on the evening shift. One bathroom has blood stains all over it. The other has feces all over it, ground into the walls & floors. We are forced to choose one or the other. I choose the one with feces. As I approach it, I have a mixed feeling about if I’m going in to use the facilities or to clean it. 


Bathroom dreams are about the private way we process and release emotions such as anger and embarrassment.

Blood is about life and change.

Feces on a wall is about everyone’s “stuff” being out in the open.

The biggest challenge in the dream was to go into a space which was dirty.

I really didn’t want to.

But I did it anyway. I walked into the smelly, dirty, public washroom.

This is about facing feelings of shame or embarrassment.

(By the way: I write about overcoming shame and shameful situations on my other blog If you wanted to check it out.)

And I’m writing more about it today, literally. It’s in the topic of a piece I’m writing for a publication on The Book of Open. It’s were people share their most vulnerable aspects of their stories.  (UPDATE: I’ve published this piece now and it can be found at “I Thought I Didn’t Want Her.”

What I’ve learned is that when I am working with a team and we are learning and processing together, it is meaningful and good. That was the feeling in the dream. The feeling of being all in this together.

While others were discussed by the situation and waited in the hall, I went in and started cleaning.

In real life, as it turns out, this is actually a skill I have. I can go places where others don’t want to go emotionally and I can help to clean up the mess.

Later it looks great and everyone benefits from using the area where I cleaned up.

So even though the feelings in the dream were awkward the message was a reminder to me of something I’m good at which benefits others and I am okay with that.




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