Dream Symbols: Guns

When guns used to show up in my dreams, I would usually be filled with fear. But after working with the symbol for a while I no longer feel the same. Now when a gun shows up in a dream, I know it means there are opportunities to uplift and inspire. I’ll explain what I mean.

In real life, guns are weapons which cause harm at close range, even death. When we take a negative image and flip to the positive opposite then it is about using skills to cause happiness, even the feeling of being re-born.

A gun causes damage at close range to a specific target so it means to do/say positive things at close range with specific intention to help or encourage. Close range positive conversation is one of the best “weapons” against conflict…the best way to create Unity & Friendships.

So the next time you dream of a gun, start thinking where in your day can you offer someone some encouragement. Then go ahead and do it! It’ll feel great.

You see?

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