Dream: Dirty Couch

In the dream, I’m in a house with one or two others. The room is a bit darker than I like, there’s blinds on the windows.

As we sit on the couch, I become aware that it’s filled with crumbs. It’s really dirty and grimy and I am extremely uncomfortable.

Then I ask if they want help to clean it and they don’t. I keep trying to drop hints and they are not interested. Then I become frustrated and raise my voice and tell them they need to clean this couch and stop dropping crumbs on it.


The problem in this dream comes when I get angry.

I know exactly what this is about.

This week, in real life, I have appointments and conversations and deadlines which are difficult and time-consuming.

In taking care of them all, I do less dishes, laundry piles up, floors need vacuuming but I ignore it so I can meet other people’s deadlines, time lines, and issues.

But then later, after taking care of all that, I will have a messy house to clean up and my free time will go into cleaning and it will make me angry.

I actually love cleanliness and order.

When things pull me away from the time I need to clean my home properly I become really agitated.

That’s like sitting on a dirty couch with people who keep putting crumbs on it.

I am annoyed with that.

But if I speak of it now, I fear others will say I’m “making a big deal out of nothing” and they will not even really listen to what I want or need.

So the dream is showing me this now so that I don’t explode later.

Tears actually came to mind as I write this.

I really wish people knew and understood.

But even more so, I really wish I knew how to communicate this.

Guess I’m learning…..

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