Negative People Dreams: How To Keep Them OUT

My real wish to have a garden has come true after 10 years of waiting!

The key with negative people in dreams is to remember that negative people and the feelings they bring up are not “bad” but they are messengers which show areas of life, or self, which are ready to be developed now. When you really get this, it makes it easy to love your enemy, because you see how much learning you get from the experience with them.

Last night, I dreamed of being in my backyard gardening and then coming into the kitchen. Out the front window I saw that someone who had been negative in the past was on the front lawn. She had been knocking on the door and I didn’t hear because I was in the back. As I looked out the window I saw her walking back to her car. In real life this person does not have my address although I am pretty public about where I live. She’d have to go hunting for it to get it or ask me directly. Since she showed up at my house uninvited it means she went behind my back to get the information and then showed up without notice in order to surprise me. This is a tactic some negative people do in real life order to try to get what they see as the upper hand.

The problem in the dream is to decide to go greet her or stay in my home. In the dream I did the right thing. I stayed in my home and let her drive away.

The reason this is the right thing to do is because in dreams a house is a symbol for self. Plants and green are symbols for growth. The Kitchen is a symbol for nourishment. Cars are symbols for how to get to where you’re going.

The dream shows me that I have done enough growth in developing my new areas of self now that even when people with negative intentions show up at my house (or approach my self) they cannot get in now. They cannot get to where they want to go with me with their malicious motives because I have changed enough.

This dream is a confirmation to me that I have done well to heal or recover in certain areas and that a particular problem or issue is no longer an issue.

To go deeper into this topic, consider reading what Richard Hastings has written about the process in an interpretation about lions and boundaries.

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