Beach Dream: What To Do When The Beach Is Crowded?


In the dream, I am driving a car with passengers in a crowded beach.

We get to a part where there is a fence and I’ll have to drive around closer to the water to continue on.

The waves are splashing against the shoreline. It’s beautiful. 


The images in this dream are good. I am driving. There are people in the car. The waves are refreshing. It’s a sign to keep doing what I’m doing.

When I thought of this, 2 things came to mind immediately.

  1. I understood the idea of “flooding my life with positivity” back in 2010 and it made a huge difference. The ocean waves are like positive floods.
  2. There is a que of emails people sent me yesterday. I can flood my email with positive things individually to them all and it will feel great.


Here is a link to an article Richard Hastings wrote on the topic of the ocean.


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