Dream: Riding a Horse

In the dream, I am riding a horse in a strange camp. Others are getting ready for a wedding which I am not going to and I don’t have interest in. They are wondering why I am not interested in the wedding and to me it’s just a cultural ceremony with little “real” value, especially if there is not a spiritual bond between the bride and groom. They also wonder why I don’t feel excluded since “everyone else is going.” But I’m content with what I’m doing and don’t feel left out at all.

So I’m on this horse going back and forth down a hallway. There’s someone riding with me behind me but I don’t know who. I just feel really in tune with the horse and can move my legs in a way to direct it easily.

Eventually, they are all ready to go and I am about to signal the horse that I want off but instead it responds intuitively by bending down on its knees and I dismount. It’s time to go.


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