Dream: Driving a Hover-craft & being taken advantage of


In the dream, I am flying a hydro-planing space-craft kind of object over a body of water which looks like an ocean, deep blue and cool. I bring the craft to dock and someone approaches me, offers his hand to help me out with my baggage and he begins introducing me to the place. He walks with me a bit and I am looking around, getting my bearings. 

We move through the day together, first registering baggage, then getting a meal, then walking along a seawall. He’s a bit flirty at times and I don’t respond because I’m not interested in him in that way. He leaves to take a call or retrieve something and I am waiting at a table. 

Then an enormously huge woman approaches me, offering knowledge and she guides me around a bit. Eventually she sits but she keeps talking. She’s huge.  Clearly weighing between 500-600 pounds. She’s talking and thinks I am still listening but I’m not. I want to go back to the table and wait for that man to return. 

When the woman realizes that I no longer want her assistance she says, “Okay, not a problem. That will be $993.00, please.” And I get a gut-wrenching freak-out feeling.

I ask her what she means and I learn that this is her hourly rate as a tour-guide and then I recall how we spent the past hour together but I thought she was offering as a kind resident but she was actually working and now wanted to change me.

It wasn’t right what she did but I can see from her face that she believes what she did was right and her boss and the government and law of this place was on her side.

When I saw she wasn’t going to budge, I started to actually think of how am I going to pay her. I joke about giving her a fake cheque, which she nearly takes until she realized I am serious. It is fake. 

Then I think back to the morning spent with that man and realize he was probably doing the same thing. And I likely owe him just as much if not more than her!

I am on the wooden deck. The waves crashing beneath me and my head is spinning. How am I going to do this?

She won’t take payment plans. She won’t take arrangements. She has no pity. And the over-tone is that if I don’t pay her, in cash, immediately, she will report me and I will be arrested. 

And my internal pressure is feeling that even when I sort this out with her I still have the guy to deal with.

The dream ends with me going in and out of my body, in and out of fear, in and out of association and disassociation. It is like I am trying to think of the past, present and future all in the moment and I cannot think of what to say or do.



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