Dream: Godzilla is Coming

June 28, 2016

In the dream, I was in a large gathering of people, hundreds, nearly thousands and we were being ushered into a large building. I started asking questions to find out why and learned that Godzilla was coming. It was like he had been ordered by the organizer of this herding event, whose name was Adam Abel. He was acting like everything was okay when it wasn’t. People were scared and running into the building but when I learned what was going on I decided to go in a car and travel a distance away instead. There were others driving away too because not everyone could fit in the building.

I was in the car with friends preparing to drive about an hour and a half to where Godzilla couldn’t harm us. After a short time I realized I had two different shoes on and I didn’t want to get to where we were going like this. “We have to go back,” I told the driver, so we started going back. There was a large Olympic-sized pool on the left side of the road and I got out there to check if my shoes were there among dozens of others which were hanging up on the wall. I had to try on several to find the match and someone from the main centre helped me.

Eventually I found my shoes but by then Godzilla had arrived. We humans were just the size of the bottom of his foot, even his ankle was two-stories above our heads. The size of him was enormous.

I did not feel an ounce of fear and was a little perplexed at what others were afraid of. Even though he was huge, he couldn’t move quickly and in fact wasn’t moving quickly. I didn’t feel like he was attacking but just observing and looking around.

Nonetheless, we got back in the car and drove a long distance to where we felt very safe.

There was one scene where it was as though I was looking through Godzilla’s eyes down at the people and saw everyone running around as small as ants and had the thought that when people are looked at from this distance they are just like a handful of raisons.

For more on understanding negative figures in dreams and how to turn what some might call a “nightmare” into an experience of heaven on earth please check out some of the 1008 Dream Interpretations and Solutions which will soon be listed on this blog.

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