Dreams About Sex

At some point, I will have to begin writing about this topic.

In a culture which is so permated with sexuality in media – music videos & lyrics, movies, TV shows, it’s almost comical to me that when someone  (me) tries to speak directly about healthy, loving and mature sexual relationships that it is still considered so taboo.

If it were up to me, I’d just rather leave the topic alone because it’s so private anyways.

But in terms of Dreamwork and personal development, sex is a powerful symbol of integration of positive qualities. So it has to be talked & written about. It can’t be avoided no matter how I try.

So before I leap into the topic let me share…..

The Top 7 Reasons I Don’t Want to Write About Sex on This Blog:

  1. What will people think?
  2. Will I be misunderstood?
  3. Will it come across wrong?
  4. Will it change the way people think of me?
  5. Will they think something badly?
  6. Will it interrupt my intention to compassionately address the topic of personal growth?
  7. It’s just so complex. What if I’m not capable?

As I overcome these very critical and judgemental thoughts about talking openly about sex and sexuality, I’ll continue posting.

In time, it will be easy to see how having a healthy, mature, and loving sexual relationship is one of the most significant keys to personal growth and transformation.

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