When a Big Fear Shows Up in Dreams or Real Life

When a big fear shows up in a dream, like a thief for example, part of the solution is to look at areas in life where the dreamer is “robbing” themselves.

When I had a theif dream a few months ago I really was not aware of where I was robbing myself, internally or externally.

But after careful investigation since May 23 2015 I’ve realized where I am really robbing myself.

The solution to a nightmare is to the positive opposite. So a robbery is to take something ftom someone unexpectedly. So my turning this around involves giving to others (and myself) unexpectedly.

Because of limits of money and time the best way I can surprise people is by writing positive things about them and for them, to promote through articles the things and people I believe in.

So that’s what I’ve been doing now for the past two months. Let’s see how it goes! 🙂

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