Dream: Flying & Pool

In the dream I was swimming in a large pool with lots of others. At one point I started soaring high into the air. “Here we go again,” I thought. I went all the way up to the ceiling and looked down. It was as though I was about a mile in the air. I reached out to touch the ceiling and found I could hold the rim of a beam. I didn’t like the falling down feeling but knew I couldn’t stay up here either. I had the feeling that if I touched the beam others would believe me.
So I held it and then released and dropped down at a pace which wasn’t too damaging. I hit the water with a force and went deep into the water. When I came back up I found at least one other was looking at me, somewhat impressed with what I had done. I felt like it was nothing.
In another part of the dream, I was in a car which someone had left a joint in. I didn’t know how to get rid of it and was afraid the police would come because of the swimming pool thing and if they found that they would suspect something was wrong. I took it out and buried it in a shrub garden but then it was back again somehow and then someone else got in the car and they just tossed it on the grass and then it was gone – and I had a feeling of “good riddens.”
A pool is about relationships. Air is about the future.
Soaring like that is something I’ve done in dreams since childhood.
Car is about how I’m getting to where my True Self wants me to go.
In a dream, a joint is a symbol for spiritual qualities like ascending above conditions of the lower nature.

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