This is a lizard who I captured living in an area similar to the one I dreamed about with snakes last night.

Last night I dreamed about snakes. I was watching through my own eyes how two 11 year old girls dealt with snakes. We were in a resort setting. The snakes were small and harmless, there were about 3 or 4 of them. We were in the tree and sand-filled area of the resort between the hotel and the pool. They were picking them up and trying to toss them into the water. It was comical and I laughed a bit as I watched. The snake would slide out and they would re-capture then try to throw again, it would slide out again, and on an on. They were having as much fun as if they were playing with puppies. Even a larger snake which I was watching closely, was no match for these girls.

Later I was in a circle of people outdoors. Two planes or flying futuristic crafts soared above the circle and then a stream of water came at me and those close to me as though it was coming from a hose. I was upset at first but then saw that it was from a source which I trusted. I can’t actually remember if that was from the plane/flying craft or from someone beside me. There was really a lot of water flooding me and the area. After it passed we were happy and it was no issue.


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2. Dreamwork Module 1 at this link.

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4. More on Richard’s writings to me about snakes and snake-like people is coming soon. In a few days I’ll be sharing a dream about eating snake at this link.

The tree area between the water and the hotel was filled with lizards and snakes.


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