How to Donate to The Dreamwork Blog!

You can donate to The Dreamwork Blog to keep it growing!

We are expanding our capacity to receive donations.

We can receive checks personally for “Rachel Czifra.”

Direct bank transfer can be emailed to and monthly donations can be scheduled under “pay bills” in your banking account.

For check or money order, our address is 826 Kipps Lane, London ON, N5Y 4R7. And please make it to Rachel Czifra (as I am still in the process of adding “Perry” to all my legal documents.)

For credit card donations, I believe you can use secure transactions through PayPal but am new to this and just learning.

We especially appreciate monthly donations,which can be set up either by credit card or using your bank’s free online to set up an automatic payment.

For a one-time or monthly donation using bill pay, give your bank a call and they will help you with it. It’s quite easy.

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