Dream: Predicting the Wind

In the dream, I’m sitting a blanket and someone in a group is asking me questions. When I reply, I know all the answers. He says I know things and says to the group maybe I’m physic. In the dream, I think I am physic so I decide to keep answering with my intuition and the group continues to be astonished that I’m answering questions which I couldn’t know otherwise. For example, someone in the audience pats circles on her stomach and then he asks me what she is doing. Without seeing her I describe the motion. The correct response stuns the audience and I decide it’s okay to let them see that I can do this.

Then the blanket comes off me and I’m standing in a circle in their midst. A small breeze starts and I begin talking about a a windstorm. They don’t feel it but then as it picks up they see what I was talking about and I hold the blanket in my arms and let the wind carry it out like a big thunder bird.

I just talk louder and happier in the wind and they are rustling around to straighten their hair and laughing and stuff.

It was a pretty neat dream.

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