Dream: Someone Started a War

In the dream, I am standing having a casual conversation with someone in a non-significant area like a parking lot, and they inform me that someone far away on the other side of the world started a war which would be worldwide and effect every individual on earth, including me of course. As they spoke, I imagined the significance of this unescapable world war which already started and I could do nothing about but prepare. (May 14, 2016)


Here are some pointers for breaking down what some would say is a “negative” dream:

  1. Say to yourself: “This is a metaphor.”
  2. Remember that, “The Positive Opposite Is Possible.”
  3. Know that, “You are capable now of bringing out the positive opposite into your life.”

What is the positive opposite of a small “negative” action to begin a world wide war which effects everyone?

That would be a small positive action which begins world wide peace that effects everyone.




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