Good Character is Like a Jewel

The light of a good character surpasseth the light of the sun and the radiance thereof. Whoso attaineth unto it is accounted as a jewel among men. Baha’u’llah

When I read this quote today, I remembered my dream of the red Ruby with the R on it. And how this was a message to me about something unique about me, different than anything I could have learned in culture, different than any trait anyone in my family has.

I remember that Richard wrote that the metaphor for growth for me was about polishing. There was so much that I didn’t understand at the time about that dream but it has a little more meaning to me now.

I’ve never really polished anything. But I really love stones.

Today I’m on day 13 of the 19-Day program and it’s my day of reflection. Before reading this quote I wondered what I would do to reflect and I felt kind of lost with ideas.

But when I read this and think about the metaphor of polishing then everything makes a lot of sense suddenly and I know exactly what to do.

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