Spiritual Economy & Money


Hi Richard,

How are you? I hear you have worked magic with an interpretation a dream of my friend recently. ūüôā

Well, I am writing with just a brief interpretation question if you don’t mind.

What I was wondering is what your interpretation of a dream would be about owing people money or about coming across money that didn’t belong to me but that didn’t belong to anyone else either (example: in one dream I tried to use a payphone to make a call but it was broken and tons of change started pouring out like a slot machine. At first I was going to take it but then I thought no, just because it came to me doesn’t mean it’s mine, but then a person beside me said that the owner and maintenance man know it’s broken and this is the way it’s supposed to be. I still didn’t take it. It didn’t seem right. I was thinking about how to talk to the maintenance man about fixing the phone instead of giving money away.

In another dream, again a machine spit out a bunch of money and when I wrapped it up to take it I noticed that it was not for me it was for my co-workers and so I walked over to them and gave it to them but I felt sad that there was none for me.

Last night I was driving around repaying people the money that I owed them but I was giving out more money than what I had and I felt depleted.

I’m stumped on this one…what do you think?

Also, is your book still for sale? I’d be interested in buying one.

Thank you Richard for your insights.

Hi Rachel,
It is good to hear from home.   The main thing you need to think
about in order to understand the meanings of the dreams is the symbol of money.   In real life money is what we used to make payments and receive payments for goods and services.  In an ideal material world it is based upon the principle of fairness and honesty.   In the spiritual domain money represents bounties.   There is a major difference between the two worlds because money exchanged between humans is based upon equity and fairness, where as bounties from the spiritual domain are not based upon what you deserve, but on the mercy of God.  You cannot give anything to God; you can only receive.  He acts according to His own will and we cannot question it.

People often think that the economic system is based upon hard work and effort, but really the whole thing is fully of inequities and

So the purpose of the dream is let you know that you have a certain¬†amount of difficulty receiving your share of God’s mercy because you¬†don’t think you deserve it.¬† ¬†You didn’t make a call.¬† You just got¬†money.¬† ¬†You think that you have not done enough to deserve the¬†bounties so you give them away.¬† ¬† So the main thing you have to do is¬†get over the idea that you do not deserve things because that is not¬†how God works.¬† His mercy exceeds His justice.

The first problem is that you are trying to use a pay phone, but it is
broken.  Phones have the purpose of connecting and in this case, you need to make a connection with God first, ask for His mercy, and then He will rain down His bounties on you.   It has nothing to do with what you deserve.  If He wants you to have bounties, He will give them to you which could come in many ways.

So the work is to let the process of Him bestowing upon you His
bounties work, by getting out of the mindset of deserving or not
deserving something.    It is a hard concept for North Americans to

Let me know if this is confusing.


you can order the book on Amazon.  Dreams for Peace Richard
Hastings.  It is still there?

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