Dream: Old house & Snake

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Dear Richard,

Here is a dream I had recently.

There is an old farm house that I go into to see if I can rent it for Gracie and I. It is well-kept but old and musty and I don’t really like it but am pretending to because I don’t want to offend the landlords. I see there’s a room for Gracie in the attic, like a loft, with a lot of space and a warm bed and that seems good for her then the old woman says it is $700 per room and while this isn’t a great price it isn’t bad either. So I’m wavering as to say yes or no but am leaning towards yes because I can’t see how to say no. Then I go onto a porch and there is another older woman there who says it will be great if I move in because Gracie can play in the grass. Then she tells me there is a big boa constrictor in the yard. I ask her if she is serious. Yes, she says. And I look out into the grass…Okay, I think…so she thinks it’s safe for children’s to play with large snakes? This lady is crazy. I try to “feel” if there are any snakes in the yard now but it seems there are none. I see no movement, just long grass.

I go back into the house thinking how even if everything else about the house went onto the “pro” side, still one big “con” would be the boa constrictor in the yard.

And even then I did not know how to tell them I wouldn’t stay there because my reason for not staying was not valid in their reality.


I began writing my interpretation for you but it turned into pages…lolol…so to save the you “book” I will just ask you for your thoughts and if having a dream about someone talking about snakes is as significant for jealousy and transformation as if the snake was actually in the dream.
Dear Rachel,
In this dream everything you go for is old and doesn’t quite suit your life, but you don’t think you can pass it up.  It is an old barn, old women, etc..   The telling comment is that you cannot see how to say no.

If you just flip the dream into the positive opposite, it easily  works.   When you live in your new self with new changes,   then everything about your life including your daughter’s state of being works out wonderfully.    The dream is saying that when you live in your old self with your old ways,  then you are constricted.   A boa is constrictor which means in this case that when you go out to play or Gracie goes to play she will be constricted when you are in your old way of being.


For instance, in your old way of being someone could control you and constrict you and then could not see how to say no to her.  But it is actually the thought of the constriction that makes you hesitate on the house so you can look at that in a good way.   When you feel constricted by others in what they are trying to “offer” to you, then you know it is the wrong decision to take them up on the offer.


You new self requires the opening up of many possibilities in many new ways.  So the transformation you need to make is from settling for constriction to opening up to many more new possibilities and taking advantage of them.  You are already doing this,  but you don’t have it quite yet at the level of identity and that is why you have the house dream which is a symbol of self.

When you have something as identity, it means that you call yourself by it or you identify with that energy and when people validate you, they name that energy.    In this case the energy is being opportunistic which is the positive side of a snake.  It opens itself to possibilities and then strikes.


The jealousy part has to do with some people who feel or felt jealous of you, but I think you know that already.   You can practice being opportunistic by seeing your self who takes advantages of opportunities and then jump into that body.

This young girl loves snakes as much as others love kittens. This is me trying to be okay with the snake when my logical self said there’s nothing to fear and yet my instinct still said “back away slowly.” LOL. 

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