Mixed dreams – both negative & positive

The dream images from last night are a bit hazy. Images keep bobbing up and then floating out again, like buoys in a lake. I feel great though and know the dream images were mixed between positive and negative. Which is a good thing. So I’ll write a bit about the process (and maybe dream images will come up as I write.)
For many years, I experienced nearly debilitating nightmares. Nearly every night had images of horror and destruction, including natural disasters such as floods and fires, to physical ailments and loss of limbs, to conditions such as being lost or trapped. I dreamed of being in war, of being in gun-fight, of being beaten. I dreamed of myself getting hurt or embarrassed or people I love dearly being hurt or embarrassed. Night after night, fear after fear, rage after rage, the images came one after another.
I dreamed of a lot of scary animals too. Bears, snakes, mountain lions. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so good. Night after night.
In time, I began to see patterns emerging. I began to see relationships between the scariest dreams and obstacles in my waking life. I began to see where some relationships were healthy and where they were not. I began to see what was possible in the current condition I was living in and what was not possible. I began to understand this idea of doing the “positive opposite” of the nightmare. And I really did start to look forward to them, truly seeing them as messengers which always showed me where my own limitations were and where the growth was occurring.
Now, years later, my dreams are taking on a new feel to them.
Instead of being mostly negative there are now many mixed images between negative and positive. And in terms of degree, the frequency and depth of the negatives is much less frequent and less extreme in nature.
This shift represents change and growth.
Richard writes about this in his Dreams For Peace blog.

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