Dream: Bear, Pool, New Town


woodsIn the dream, I am walking though a wooded area on a trail with at least one other person, maybe 2 or 3. Someone says the bear has passed by and I realize that a bear we had been hiding from or trying to avoid or fearful of attack had gone in another direction. The relief I felt was monumental.

In another dream, I have arrived in a new town. I enter a small diner and ask the waitress what is good. She describes this amazing salad and I say yes but then she tells me it’s $30. I get nervous. For $30 I want a good salad that fills me up. I ask her for more details and she won’t give me more. She tells me it’s fine and to wait for it. I don’t like that. I go to sit down and the floor of the diner is on a slant. It’s a considerable slant at 25 degree angle and I wonder how do people even sit here. I keep trying to find a way and when I think I can’t I try to leave. Some of the other guests stop me and they show me a cushioned seat against a wall where I can sit more comfortable so I say ok.


They are treating me really nicely. One of the men calls himself a member of the Sunshine Club and he has a horn he toots – he is a part of the welcoming committee.

– cleaning a pool with a long pole when on one else can, getting a lot of grit off the bottom of the pool
– Carly asking me why I didn’t say hi and other things – she did a ceremony that was meaningful for her…
– I was in a room with a male student, he was talking about something personal, someone came in and I realized we had been alone in a room, I told the person I will be more careful next time.

– when I woke up I had read something that a negative male figure from childhood  wrote with “f&*K” – he was expressing anger.


The positive of this dream is that the Bear carried on without issue.

Also, I was able to clean out the depths of the pool where no one else could.

Bear is a symbol for strength and woods is the mind. It means the fear I had of being attacked was all in my mind and I can let it go now.

A pool is about close personal relationships. Cleaning the bottom with a long broom? It probably means I can reach way down to depths and clean things up.

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