Dream & Interpretation: Girl Guides, Grapes, Parasites

DREAM: Bathroom, old lady, parasites
I dream I am in a bathroom of a person I haven’t met before. She is kinda older, kinda tired but still very kind-hearted. She is having a girl guide meeting at her home and I am a new member. I like how comfortable she appears in her uniform and I notice I am wearing one too. I love the girl guides and am excited about participating. (I was a girl guide in my waking life childhood) I ask to use the washroom. When I go in I find the door doesn’t lock and it swings open. I don’t mind. (P.S. I used to have dreams like this when I would be so embarrased about the door opening that I wouldn’t use the washroom) but I go anyways and someone walks by and shuts the door. The old lady sort of huffs that I didnt’ shut it. I use the washroom and somehow when I flush stuff doesn’t all go down. A worm crawls out of the toilet onto the floor and it is clear to me that it came from me. I think to myself, well, time for a cleanse – gotta get rid of these worms. And I get a paper towel to clean it up. The old man approaches me to help but I say I’m fine and I get it. It breaks off into little peices and it all goes into the garbage. The floor of this washroom is cracked and old and even at one point I notice a hole in it and I think “whew…these people need money to fix their bathroom. This is dangerous.”

I also dream that I am offered grapes and I have one and it is sweet and delicious but I am very full and I say no thank you. Grapes are my absolute favourite fruit and so even as the woman is taking them back I think “wow – how weird that I don’t even want grapes.”

Hi Rachel,
The dream that you sent about the girl guides gives you some good information  about where to  to begin with the project.   The girls guildes have good memories for you, but the problem in  this case is that they do not allow for letting go of old stuff.     So when you go to let go of your old stuff that is no longer needed, the washroom has problems.    This is because  most programs that invlove personal growth do not have an emptying component to them.   They rely on everyone following a uniform program of growth  which only works if you do not have a huge amount of emptyiing to do.    Letting go is what needs to be added because without it you cannot enjoy the grapes.

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