Dear Richard, I’m pondering about…

(This is the email conversation when we first started talking about From Poverty To Prosperity, about a self-help blog, and about a Dreamwork book. Before I could do what I wanted to do in the world I had some inner work to do – mainly around the topic of Truthfulness and letting go of symbolic parasites.)
December 30, 2010

Hi Richard,

So, you’re recent dream analysis has got me pondering even more on my current life path and the dreams/goals I have set out for myself.

Recently, I have finally made some concrete plans around my freelancing and have been motivated to initiate a “social experiment” of sorts which I will blog about and suspect the results will be authored into a book as well.

My experiment is a documented journey from where I’m at now as a beginning journalist/community developer/health and wellness advocate to where I’ll be at in a few years down the road when my writings and works have gained recognition. The idea is that many people have gone from “rags to riches” so to speak, but they don’t know until they get there and they go “wow – look what I’ve done! I’ve come so far!”

Well…with me…I know I will achieve the goals I set out to do and by writing about it I am actually manifesting the dream that I intend to achieve. Does that make sense?

(Unless of course it is God’s Will for me to feel this certainty only to prevent it from happening and “sink my titanic ship” but that will just become part of the story. 🙂

In a way, I am writing as though I am famous even before I am. But I know that the things I have learned that have gotten me this far, and the things I will continue to learn can be a support and a resource to so many others on the path towards self-actualization.

Whether people are motivated to discover this path from a well-ness perspective, parenting, self-development, financial, spiritual, etc…still…we know that all of us are being prompted by our souls to discover our True Selves. And for me, to write about my True Self, the path I took to get here and the path on which I walk now in my conscious efforts to live in that awareness daily, is the only way in which I can move forward.

One of the ways that was pivotal in me finding a place of inner peace and manifesting it in the world, has been constant consultation with wise people. Susan Gammage being one of them, for example…and more recently you being another. Your dream analysis has become one of the key factors in my understanding of my current situation and what I need to do to continue to move forward.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because I wanted to tell you about my project and see if you would be interested in participating in the same way that you have been, but now it would be in a more public format.

So for example, my website/blog will document my “journey” in finding balance, health, and well-being…The project will be called The Right Food Project and my idea is to explore Food, Prayer (food for the soul) and Opportunities (Food of Life)….one of the things I found interesting was that you had interpreted food in dreams to be life opportunties.

So for me, I have this intention set before me to “report” on my growth in the next year to come and I would like to call on you to help interpret my dreams along the way. They will be a continued guide for me as I need to continue to purify my own self in order to be a clearer channel from which the Divine Spirit can flow. I am somehow a bit unique in that I have remembered my dreams nightly since a very young age and I am grateful for the insights they have given me. But I cannot substitute my own interpretations with the wisdom you have gained in your decades of studying dreams.

If you are willing to participate in this “experiment” and “adventure” there are a number of ways I would like to honour you for your time and service. One of them would be that I could help to promote your book, if this is a goal of yours, and expect that I could bring a lot of attention to your dream work. I don’t know if this is a hope of yours or if it is a mere side project. But if it is your hope to bring your work to the next level, so to speak, I know that my project can help you do so.

Secondly, I intend to generate an income from this project as well, in a modest and dignified way, and I would like to donate a large percentage, if not all of it, to the Fund. I will not advertise this, of course, it will be just a personal choice that I am making in order to allow this project to be of service to the needs of the Fund which are so great right now.

There are more ways that we could consult about too, but in the meantime these are some of the ideas that I had.

Are you interested in participating, and if so, at what level would you be confortable with? I can foresee that at times I might have dreams daily that may need interpreting but then sometimes it may be weeks between interpretations. You know how the dream world works – it is unpredictable and shy at times. LOL!

I would like to ask you for your interpretations and then publish them on my blog with your permission. How would you feel about that? I could also include a link to your website and a sales page for your book.

Your contributions would be one of several “experts” that I will consult with. Susan will be providing a Baha’i perspective, and I hope to also have a homeo-pathic/naturopath doctor participate as well. If Linda or Dan Popov would contribute as well from a virtues perspective I would also be so grateful. So we’ll see where this unfolds. I intend to often times “Ask the Expert” about certain life issues and would publish these interviews in an article format.

Please take your time to consider this request and feel free to ask for any more details or information that would make it helpful in making your decision.

In the meantime…I didn’t have a “BIG” dream last night…just a regular weird one…and since I am writing to you anyways I can’t hold back my curiousity about what you might think it means. So, if you have some time…would you mind????? (thank you 🙂 )

DREAM: Bathroom, old lady, parasites

I dream I am in a bathroom of a person I haven’t met before. She is kinda older, kinda tired but still very kind-hearted. She is having a girl guide meeting at her home and I am a new member. I like how comfortable she appears in her uniform and I notice I am wearing one too. I love the girl guides and am excited about participating. (I was a girl guide in my waking life childhood) I ask to use the washroom. When I go in I find the door doesn’t lock and it swings open. I don’t mind. (P.S. I used to have dreams like this when I would be so embarrased about the door opening that I wouldn’t use the washroom) but I go anyways and someone walks by and shuts the door. The old lady sort of huffs that I didnt’ shut it. I use the washroom and somehow when I flush stuff doesn’t all go down. A worm crawls out of the toilet onto the floor and it is clear to me that it came from me. I think to myself, well, time for a cleanse – gotta get rid of these worms. And I get a paper towel to clean it up. The old man approaches me to help but I say I’m fine and I get it. It breaks off into little peices and it all goes into the garbage. The floor of this washroom is cracked and old and even at one point I notice a hole in it and I think “whew…these people need money to fix their bathroom. This is dangerous.”I also dream that I am offered grapes and I have one and it is sweet and delicious but I am very full and I say no thank you. Grapes are my absolute favourite fruit and so even as the woman is taking them back I think “wow – how weird that I don’t even want grapes.”

Thanks Richard.

I look forward to hearing from you!

 January 07, 2011
Dear Rachel,
  Sorry that I haven’t written back earlier.  Debby and I are in Australia for holiday.  She is actually attending the Virtues  Conf. with Linda and Dan and I am flying out early tomorrow morning.
I am happy to  collaborate with you on your project.  Just keep sending the dreams.
    The dream that you sent about the girl guides gives you some good information  about where to  to begin with the project.   The girls guildes have good memories for you, but the problem in  this case is that they do not allow for letting go of old stuff.     So when you go to let go of your old stuff that is no longer needed, the washroom has problems.    This is because  most programs that invlove personal growth do not have an emptying component to them.   They rely on everyone following a uniform program of growth  which only works if you do not have a huge amount of emptyiing to do.    Letting go is what needs to be added because without it you cannot enjoy the grapes.
For instance, if someone needs more enthusiasm in thier life,   it means that there is some kind of depressing energy working that they need to examine, learn from, and then let go.    It is like when you do book 1  in Ruhi.   You can  speed up the transformation when you talking about truthfulness by giving people a chance to let go of where and how they are lying.   The right food may be truthfulness, like your grapes, but you are unable to eat them because of the worm.
I am in Australia right now.  It is a country that is very friendly and people are helpful, but there is a huge amount of obesity.   This is because  as soon as the least bit of discomfort comes up   with an issue, it is stuffed down with food.   People do not know how to deal with their anger and other issues.  In all of our firesides this is the method.  We present the spiritual food, like the virtues or writings, and then we give people the chance to empty the stuff that is in there already.  So if you are looking for inner peace, you can deal with the agitation.
Hope this helps.
Good luck..
Banana Grape Happiness for a mid-day snack with Gracie 🙂

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